Hi there! and welcome to my marvelous blog. My name is Laura, I’m 20 and  currently studying  the second year of my product design course in Letterkenny Institute of Technology.

The aim of keeping an up to date blog is to gain more knowledge about the world of product design. To become visually aware of good and bad design and also to get inspiration from other designers, which will help me with keeping a design journal. I will also use this as a pool of information to look back on at a later date, as I have linked many useful sites and gathered a wealth of   information on various aspects of design.

The course has had its ups and downs and we’ve lost almost half the class along the way, but just as we close in on the halfway mark I feel the consensus is that everybody is pretty content as we begin to find our niche. Personally my favourite part of the course is in the second part of this design communication and innovation module, which is idea generation and concept development. It’s really exciting when your initial  idea develops into something completely different that nobody has ever seen before.

Thanks for stopping by ,  if you want you can check out my instagram or pintererst accounts for more from me on product design.